Does revelation still exist?

What is revelation? Did revelation end with the Torah, the New Testament or the Qur’an? If so, then what is Eureka? From where do the answers come which are received in dreams or during exhausted states of exertion? From where comes the lucid state of mind which suddenly clears a morass of confusion?

Did these answers not come as a result of an undistracted state of complete concentration?  These states exist within the human spirit and psyche and can be accessed through purposeful uninterrupted and unfettered meditation.  Once within this dimension of the mind, there comes the commitment to be cleansed of the dirt that clogs the opening of the channel into and from the infinite, and the images and words that are expressed as answers to questions asked.

From where did the revelations of the Qur’anic Abbreviations come? From within this state of free flowing communication between soul and body through the mind, the meaning and relevance of the Quranic Abbreviations were disclosed for those who receive them as pertinent to life’s journey in the context of the overall nature of reality and their place within it. MDS

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BEA Book Launch

A Message of Love from 7th Century Islam
The Qur’anic Abbreviations Revealed
Nearly ten years after events at the World Trade Center shocked the world, an astounding new book is being introduced at Book Expo America in New York City with a message of love and peace from 7th century Islam. The Qur’anic Abbreviations Revealed is the inspiring account of the Prophet Muhammad’s love for God and his courageous struggle to convince others to develop a personal relationship with God. This extraordinary account of the Prophet’s mission is conveyed through the disclosure of the meaning of the 14 mystic Arabic letters in the Qur’an. Now, for the first time since they were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, the letters emerge as coded, personal messages from Allah to His Messenger. The revelations of the letters describe peace as the true spirit of Islam.  Above all, they are intimate and extraordinary insights into the spiritual journey of a soul captivated by love for its Maker. For the reader, they are a powerful call to respond to the stirrings from within his or her own soul.

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